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The Indian Lake Chain is a tourism designation given to a series of interconnected lakes located northwest of the community of Vermilion Bay in Kenora District, Ontario, Canada. The designation takes its name from Indian Lake that is part of the series. According to maps published by resorts located on the lakes, the Indian Lake Chain consists of ten lakes: Little Boulder Lake, Boulder Lake, Cobble Lake, Bladder Lake, Big Moose Lake, Little Moose Lake, Whitney Lake, Edward Lake, Indian Lake and Forrest Lake.However, the Atlas of Canada shows only seven lakes, as Little Boulder, Boulder, Cobble and Bladder Lakes are all simply designated "Cobble Lake". The surface elevation of the lakes is approximately 377 metres (1,237 ft), and the water level is maintained by the Forest Lake Dam. (Forest Lake is spelled with two "R"s on local maps but only one at the Atlas of Canada).

Fishing is a popular activity in the summer. Species caught in these lakes include walleye (sometimes known locally as pickerel), muskellunge (muskie), pike, smallmouth bass, perch, whitefish and lake trout.     



· The Indian Lake Chain of lakes is located 16 km. (10 miles) north of the town of Vermilion Bay Ontario along Hwy. 647 in the Kenora District

· co-ordinates (Indian Lake): Lat. 49° 55'  Long. 93° 32'

· this 29 km. (18 mile) chain of lakes consists of 10 beautiful lakes connected by channels: Indian, Edward, Whitney, Forrest, Bladder, Big Moose, Cobble, Boulder and Little Boulder Lake

· beware of submerged logs and stumps in some of the connecting channels

· Forrest, Boulder and Little Boulder Lake have water deep enough to sustain a lake trout fishery

· major fish species include walleye, muskie, smallmouth bass, lake trout, perch and whitefish. There are reports of pike having moved in from surrounding lakes

· the Indian Lake Chain is situated within Fisheries Management Zone 5 

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Drive in and Flyout Combo

$1200 USD per person

Book a week at Sunset Country Adventures but spend 2 nights at a remote fly out lake. Spend 5 out of seven nights with us and spend 2 nights up North on your own private lake. 

This trip includes flight, boat, motor, fuel, and bait at our resort and at the outpost cabin.

Sight seeing flights

$75 USD per person for a sight seeing flight. Minimum of 4 people.

Get picked up right at our dock and take a breath taking evening flight over Sunset Country.

Fly out for a day of fishing

$250 USD per person if you fly from the air base. (35 min drive)

$300 USD per person if you are picked up on our dock.

This trip includes flight, boat and motor, fuel and minnows.

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