10 Lakes with multiple species in one resort



 The Indian Lake Chain offers some of the best walleye fishing that Sunset Country has to offer. Fishing the 10 connecting  lakes with their endless weedy bays, narrow channels, humps and structure you will have countless opportunities to catch walleye. The Indian Lake Chain is has a mixture of deep and shallow  water along with clear and tea stained water which provides excellent walleye fishing. Fisherman have little to no trouble catching their fresh feed of walleye on a daily basis. The average walleye are between 1.5 and 3 lbs.  It is not uncommon to release fish over 5 lbs daily. We have seen  several live released fish between 28"-32". We take  pride in our guests catching large fish and releasing them to grow even  larger. But make sure to take a picture and share it with us.

 Many different presentations work for walleye but a 3/8" jig and minnow is usually the go to bait. Spinners, Crank baits and artificial baits work as well but you just cant beat free live bait. 



Even if you are not targeting Muskie you are going to catch them. As far as numbers go, the Indian Lake Chain is one of the best Muskie fisheries around. The Indian Lake Chain is with out a doubt a Muskie Hunters Paradise. Unlike most lakes you will not need a thousand casts to hook up with one of these beasts. On average, fisherman who target Muskie have no issues boating anywhere from 8-12 Fish per day. Muskie fishing is great from mid June right into late fall. The average length of a Muskie off of the chain is 36"-48" but there are even bigger fish lurking in this amazing system.


We have some of the best Muskie guides in the area so that won't be an issue. If you feel like a change of pace during your stay we have guides available with the gear so you can try to catch a giant with out having to invest thousands of dollars on gear and hundreds of hours of your time. A lot of guests show up with not a single Muskie under their belt and leave with Muskie Fever. 

Lake Trout


Have you ever Caught a 25-30 LB lake trout on a medium action rod? How about dozens of lake trout per day per guest? Our resort is located in the heart of the best trout area in all of Ontario. There are giant Lake Trout on the Indian Lake Chain and there are literally dozens of lake trout lakes a short drive from camp. There are also lakes near by that contain large populations of Brook Trout, Splake, and Rainbow trout. We have brought guests on trout trips that have fished Michigan and Superior and hands down said this was the best trout experience of their lives. If you are under the impression that trout are greasy and taste fishy then you are in for a treat. The lake trout in this area are lean and have the most deliscious pink and sometimes red meat. Do you like smoked fish? We will smoke your trout in camp if you like. This makes for a delicious treat when sitting in the boat. Just like a Muskie fisherman Trout fisherman are a breed of their own. We offer you the opportunity to realize your love for a sport fish you didn't even know you had.

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